Thursday, April 8, 2010

GLADAMOR Cloth Diapers April Promotion!!!!

We're back!!!! Crazy Sales!!!!! Crazy Sales!!!!

Coolababy pocket velcro
Coolababy pocket snap button
QQbaby pocket snap button plain

Normal Price :

Coolababy Velcro RM36

Coolababy Button RM35

QQbaby Plain RM35

Total = RM106

NOW!!! Less 13%!!!! All u need to pay is only RM92.00!!!!

And u're entitled to get 5% less for QQbaby/Sunnybaby Minky i.e RM38per pc only!!!

WOW!!!!! RM130 for all 4pcs + 8inserts...and free postage chgs for those who buy all these 4pcs!!

**untuk pemilihan warna/corak, sila rujuk entry2 terdahulu

Ibu Gembira Si Manja Ceria
Hubungi GLADA MOR untuk
mendapatkan cloth diapers pada
harga yang menarik:

FIZA 019.272.9581
YANA 019.910.9009

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